Monday, March 3, 2008

What I'm looking for...

I love to play volleyball, soccer, cook fabulous food, and try aspects of different cultures - travelling, music, dance, etc.
Favorite things are dogs, people with a sense of humor, sunny days and good wine, and least favorite things are black licorice, Christmas jingles & Canadian winters.

I am looking for somone who is fun, laid-back, and can laugh at themself (but know when to be serious). Not interested in smokers, insane cock brothas or long-distance.

Are you the one for me?...if so, smile

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Shrinking Daily

Our attention span is decreasing. Where once the news was only daily in the cities now you can live in the smallest and most remote village and the news is daily, hourly and even less. You can have it served up by the minute and by the second and daily becomes not enough.

Where once there were monthly magazines we now hunger for more, weekly newspapers are out of time before they even hit the front door and the delivery boy is wasting his time for we have our daily news every day and every split second of the day and suddenly the world is too fast and we all want to get off.